Tips For Healthier Hair

# 1 – Iron-Up Your Hair
Just in case you are wondering, we are referring to iron-deficiency in your bloodstream that has a closer link to hair loss. You may want to add on tofu, spinach, beans, prunes and raisins into your daily diet. Avoid iron-supplements unless prescribed by doctor.

# 2 – Less Heat, Please !
Curling irons, hair straightener, and blow dryer can cause breakage due to excess heat. Reduce the frequency or set it at a lower heat setting. Well, it’s always best to stick to natural styling and bring on the all-night curlers !


# 3 – Let Your Hair Down or Go Home !
Hair styling can cause hair loss when braids or weaves are too tight. Try to keep your pony tails loose to reduce the amount of tension on the scalp.

# 4 – Comb This Way !
Many people use the wrong comb with brushing their hair right away after shower. It’s always best to opt for a wide tooth comb because it separates the strands without causing too much strain to the scalp while you detangle. Use the fine-tooth comb only when your hair is drier and untangled.


# 5 – Eat Your Avocados & Carrots !
Your hair can benefit from the increase consumption of protein, vitamins and minerals. Pack more lean meat, green vegetables and organic eggs, and appropriate supplements to achieve stronger and healthier looking hair.

# 6 – Biotin & Calcium Panthothenate, Please !
What are they? Biotin is a vitamin that is found in small amounts in numerous foods and one of the symptoms of Biotin deficiency is hair thinning. Calcium Panthothenate (vitamin B5) can help to increase scalp hydration and strengthens hair. Tricovel’s patented ingredient Biogenina® contains both Biotin and Calcium Panthonenate to help strengthen and nourish hair.


Get seven to eight hours of sleep every day. When you are sleep deprived, you tend to compensate with food due to hormonal imbalances. Rilax Zzz helps to give you quality sleep you need!

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