The Anti-Hair Loss Solution

Help! Losing hair!
We experience hair fall every day.As a rule, about 50 to 100 hairs are shed and are replaced by new ones. This cycle is normal and occurs even healthy hair. How then do we define hair loss?

Hair loss is then defined as having more than 100 hair falls of which hairs are not replaced or replaced with less or thinner hair. Short term hair loss may be caused by physical and emotional stress, unbalanced diet, season changes, childbirth, medications or exposure to the sun. Hence, the need for an effective intervention for both prevention and cure.


The prevention and cure
Giuliani, a pharmaceutical company since 1889, has created Tricovel® anti-hair loss products with Biogenina®. From more than 20 years Giuliani is committed to developing innovative, effective and safe solutions for the most common hair problems.Tricovel® anti-hair loss with Biogenina® is a complete system for hair treatment such as tablets, vials for men, vials for women and shampoo that contributes to the physiological growth of hair volume, strength and shine.


Proven efficay
A clinical trial has proven that with the application every 3 days of only one vial of Tricovel® with Biogenina® and Triactive3, you obtain:
– 63%

reduction of hairloss. [1]


increase of hair strength. [2]


increase of hair volume.[3]


The test: Mean results of a double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on 90 subjects with Telogen Effluvium (temporary and excessive hair loss) with product application every 3 days for 3 months – [1] Wash test (n. of hairs lost during hair wash) – [2] Pull test (resistance of hair to traction) – [3] % of subjects with a clinically significant increase of hair shaft diameter.


Tricovel® Vials with Biogenina® Triactive® Tecnology

Trcovel® Vials For Men

Tricovel» Vials For Women


Tricovel® Vials with Biogenina® is a scientifically advanced, quick-acting, effective adjuvant anti-hair loss treatment to counteract temporary hair loss and initial hair thinning.


What is biogenina®?
Biogenina® nourishes and gives energy to the hair bulb cells, improving their function and prolonging the growth phase. It counteracts hair loss and prolongs hair life.


What is triactive3®?
The exclusive Triactive3® Technology, allows applying the product only once every 3 days. Tricovel® Vials does not leave hair oily or limp and dries quickly.

Thanks to Triactive3®, Tricovel® Vials with Biogenina®:

  • Exploits a triple concentration of active ingredients
  • Penetrates quickly to the hair follicle and is not removed by following hair washes.
  • Is laid down and released gradually over 3 days, for prolonged efficacy.

Thus, this technology allows application every 3 days.


Easy application
Twist the small ball to break it off. Press on the bulge of the cannula to dose the product. Apply the content of a vial onto the scalp and gently massage it in. Do not rinse. The product can be applied to dry or damp scalp. Apply once every 3 days.

The recommended treatment cycle is 3 months.

Recommended Treatment: Just 1 application every 3 days. Use recommended Tricovel® Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo for more effective results.


Cosmetic value and safety
The content of Tricovel® Vials does not leave hair oily or limp and dries quickly. The product is formulated to reduce the risk of irritation. External Use Only.

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