Study shows startling range of nitrate levels in leading beet juice supplements

What’s in your beet juice? Pioneering independent Indiana University study shows nitrate content varies widely between leading beet juice supplements
A sweeping review of current beet supplements is first to measure and compare nitrate content —the crucial component in enhancing endurance and sprint performance
Only one brand consistently delivers the optimal dose of nitrate per serving, as established by the International Olympic Committee
Denver, CO, November 5, 2018 –
A pioneering new Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis study illustrates the sharp differences in the nitrate content of two dozen leading beet juice powders, juices and concentrates. According to Andrew Coggan, study author, “there’s been a great deal of interest in beets because they’re rich sources of nitrate. But the hidden fact that we are coming to appreciate is that actual nitrate content between products varies significantly.” Coggan adds: “The results are significant because once nitrate content falls below a certain threshold, performance benefits disappear.”

“Athletes, and their trainers and coaches until now have had to rely upon manufacturer claims to determine whether a specific supplement contains sufficient nitrate to impact performance,” Coggan continues. “We believe study results will be highly useful to athletes in guiding selection of beet juice supplements that contain sufficient amounts of nitrate.”

In the study, published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, Coggan and his colleague studied samples of 45 different lots of 24 different beetroot juice products, from 21 different companies. “The nitrate contents were generally low,” according to Coggan, “falling far short of the amount (310-560mg) suggested by International Olympic Committee as being needed to improve performance.”

Nitrate consistency: It’s why more athletes — and studies — are running on Beet It Sport power.
“This study substantiates the case we’ve been making for several years,” says Lawrence Mallinson, Managing Director of James White Beverage, manufacturer of Beet It Sport shots. “Beet juice supplements are not the same. When it comes to performance, it all comes down to nitrate content. And as Dr. Coggan’s study shows, Beet It Sport Shots are the only brand on the market to deliver the consistent 400mg of nitrate, shot after shot.”
Beets and nitrates: Affirmed as a performance enhancer by the International Olympic Committee
Beet It Sport shots, the beet juice supplement of choice for Olympic, London Marathon and Berlin Marathon Champion and marathon world record holder, Eliud Kipchoge, have been used in 21 published research papers in the first half of 2018 alone. In fact, the efficacy of adequate nitrate content in beet juice has been confirmed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus Statement, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM).

The IOC Consensus Statement expresses the views of 25 sports scientists from around the world as it relies on the results of a dozen published papers, all of which relied on Beet It Sport Shots.

The statement’s authors concluded:

  • Dietary nitrate supplementation has been associated with improvements of 4-25% in exercise time to exhaustion and of 1%-3% in sport-specific time trial performances lasting <40min in duration
  • Dietary nitrate supplementation is proposed to enhance type II muscle fibre function, resulting in the improvement (3%-5%) of high-intensity, intermittent, team-sport exercise of 12-40min in duration
Beet It Sport: Based on science, not marketing hype.
Beet It Sport shot supplementation has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the oxygen cost of exercise, according to Beet It Sport specialist Jonathan Cartwright. “Research has shown that Beet It Sport supplementation enables athletes to exercise harder for longer, as they require less oxygen, or energy to maintain a given intensity of exercise. This ultimately increases the time taken to feel fatigued or to reach exhaustion.”
About Beet It
Beet It is a world leader in beet juice, and Beet It Sport is the No.1 natural nitrate supplement in the world. Beet It brand’s parent company is James White Drinks, one of the leading fruit and vegetable juice firms in the UK.

Relevant research exploring the connection between nitrate consumption and improved athletic performance:


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