Stem Cells For Skin

What is the biggest organ in the human body?
The answer is one that may surprise you – it’s your skin. Most of us tend to overlook this fact when considering the many complex biological functions of our bodies. But think about it: your skin covers the entire surface area of your body and can potentially affect you greatly should anything undesirable happen to it.

Hence, it would be reasonable to say that skin care is equally as crucial to your wellbeing as, for instance, maintaining a healthy heart or a clean pair of lungs. But what exactly do you need to do so you can literally “save your own skin”?

Scrathing at the surface
In order to understand how to care for your skin, you must first realize that your skin cells need to be constantly regenerated in order for you to maintain healthy and good looking skin. Skin cells on the surface area of your body are frequently shed or lost as time goes by. When these cells die, they need to be replenished by new ones. The cells in your body which are responsible for doing this are known as stem cells.

Stem cells, by definition, are cells which have the ability to renew themselves. There are two basic types of stem cells: embryonic and adult or somatic stem cells. What differentiates the former from the latter is the fact that embryonic stem cells can produce all kinds of cells in the body whereas adult stem cells can only reproduce limited types of cells.

The stem cells found in your skin are of the adult or somatic stem cell type. They are located in the lower regions of the epidermis – the topmost of the three main layers of our skin (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis). These stem cells are always at work creating new skin cells; once created, they will move up through the layers of the epidermis until they eventually reach the surface.


This process carries on continuously throughout your entire lifetime. However, the trouble is that the ability of your skin to regenerate slowly deteriorates the older that you get. It is for this reason that many people face all sorts of skin blemishes and problems as they advance through life.


Cause and effect
There are many reasons why your skin’s stem cells may become less productive in their regenerative activities.

One common cause is having too much exposure to direct sunlight. The result is that it reduces the production of collagen, the element which gives skin its elastic characteristics. A lack of collagen makes skin less resilient and skin cells are then prone to becoming malformed when replenished by the stem cells.


Besides that, another typical cause would be pollution or any other form of environmental hazards. There is a possibility that toxins from such surroundings might make its way into the skin, especially if the epidermis layer is thinning – something that occurs inevitably as we age. Should any such toxins enter inside your skin, it would cause serious damage which may be irreparable should the stem cells become affected.

Any destruction to the epidermis layer of the skin also has the potential of causing stem cells to fail altogether in performing the skin renewal process. This could be caused by accidents such as burns or maybe even during a surgical procedure.

The brutal battleground
The possibilities may stretch far and wide on how your skin’s stem cells could get damaged, so the least you can do is to try and prevent such situations from occurring as much as it depends on you.

Being aware of what things have adverse effects on the skin would certainly help, because knowing about it enables you to avoid activities or situations which may damage your skin.

Another common tactic in the battle against skin aging is to encourage individuals to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and apply sunscreen to the surface of the skin. Whilst these methods are undoubtedly good practice and have their merits, they only manage to protect the skin (and also its stem cells) outwardly.

However, as with any battlefield, the greatest threat often does not come from external sources, but rather from the inside. That is why it is important to ensure that you practice a healthy and balanced diet in your everyday living for the sake of your skin’s wellbeing. Be diligent in consuming large varieties of food which contain the nutrients that your skin stem cells need to be at their optimum performance.


More than skin deep
Based on advancements in stem cell technology and research, there is now an easier way to give your skin the vital care it needs. Mireica is an effervescent nutricosmetic drink that contains the nutrients your skin stem cells need to thrive. Not only that, this refreshing fruity drink provides an internal sunscreen protection for your skin. It also plays a part in enhancing your skin’s moisture retention, pigmentation control and a host of other benefits. As its slogan aptly explains, Mireica helps perfect your skin from within.


Unlike pills or some of the other kinds of skin products that are available in the market today, Mireica is completely made of natural ingredients from Europe, Japan and Switzerland. Furthermore, the effectiveness of Mireica has been verified through various scientific tests, not to mention it also having proven safety profiles. Mireica’s unique formula is able to provide aid for a variety of skin problems including dry skin, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, dull and sagging skin, freckles as well as pigmentation issues. Most people can expect to see improved skin conditions within a month after starting usage.


Sofia Lee
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