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Of all the organs in our body, the skin is the largest one. Sometimes it’s easy to forget this because it just doesn’t seem like an “organ.” Typically we think of organs as heart, liver, kidneys, etc. Ninety five percent of the cells in the epidermis (top later of skin) work to make new cells and five percent of the cells make melanin, which give skin its color.

In fact, though you can’t see it happening, every minute of the day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin to make room for the new skin cells. As we age, dead skin cells don’t shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells may decrease slightly. Also our skin, arguably weathers a lot of abuse – be it from the harmful effects of the environment and pollution to modern lifestyle factors such as stress, bad diet and chemical damage.

So, what does this have to do with beautiful skin? Pretty much everything. Healthy, youthful skin is considered beautiful skin. In the quest for a youthful glow, we need to counter the effects of all these these aggravations and to reactivate the turnover of our skin cells. And when it comes to beauty solutions, nature has the best answer, providing everything to maintain smooth, beautiful skin. Scientists now understand that nutrition affects skin health and skin supplements are becoming an essential part of the daily beauty routine.

With this knowledge and understanding that our skin has multi-dimensional needs, Mireica’s Swiss scientists created a formula that is more sophisticated and more comprehensive in its anti-aging approach. Using an advanced blend of patented, natural bio-nutrients plus phyto and marine nutrients, Mireica is the first and only clinically proven nutri-cosmetic with nutrition for stem cells. Working synergistically, Mireica’s natural ingredients work to rejuvenate and nourish the skin stem’s cells, to restore optimal skin quality and to protect the skin’s DNA from UV damage and oxidative stress.


Top Quality, Natural Ingredients
Only top quality key nutrients from natural food ingredients, obtained from Europe, Japan and Switzerland with excellent proven safety profiles are used in Mireica. Mireica provides a sophisticated complex of polyphenols, xantophylls, carotenes, vitamins, a special bioactive collagen complex of marine collagen and elastin boosting peptides, ceramide, lipids and nutrients for stem cell.

What is also important is NOT the amount of collagen, but the quality of collagen that matters. Mireica’s collagen and elastin, sourced from European cold water fish, provides the highest quality of collagen and meets the highest standards of purity. Mireica’s formulation of nutrients for skin stem cells is proprietary and specially formulated by Swiss scientists only for Mireica.


How Mireica Works
Mireica’s stem cell booster NutriGene helps by future-proofing our skin through the rejuvenation of stem cells. In other words, the skin gets and extra boost in helping it stay strong and healthy longer, ensuring our skin is replenished with fresh, new skin cells each time. The ratio of skin stem cells to regular skin cells is around 1:10000, and our skin stem cells’ capacity to self-renew and replace dead skin cells is the key to future beautiful and youthful skin.

Skin cells are also protected from direct damage with EnviroShield, which acts like an internal sun defence shielding cells from harmful UV rays and environmental factors such as air pollution and cigarette smoke. At the same time, EnviroShield also reduces indirect damage from the increasing oxidative stress arising from today’s lifestyle, stress and ever increasing environmental load. Together, Mireica’s innovative twin action against both direct and indirect damage restores the skin’s own rejuvenation processes back to optimal levels within a short time.

Once the skin cells function optimally, skin nutrients are needed in required amounts to keep up with the increased production of collagen, elastin and intercellular matrix. Mireica’s highly bio-available Micro-BioNutrients provides essential skin building nutrients to stimulate the biosynthesis of skin collagen, skin elastin, the intercellular matrix and in the intracellular lipids. Overall, this results in improved skin elasticity, firmness and stronger skin structure.

Furthermore, in a convenient effervescent drink, the functional nutrients are more effectively absorbed and utilized by the body. As a result, with just daily consumption, the skin rejuvenates fast. In most cases skin quality improves in just 1-3 weeks, giving you a more youthful, radiant and even-toned complexion.

Clinical Study
Reflecting LiveLife BioSciences AG’s confidence and commitment to the product, Mireica was put through a tough test – a randomized double-blind placebo controlled scientific study performed by an independent chief investigator at a world renown skin testing centre in Switzerland recently.

The Swiss scientific study conducted confirmed the following results:

  • Improved skin hydration and moisture retention
  • Improved epidermis + dermis density
  • Refined pore sizes and acne scars
  • Normalized skin surface sebum level resulting in less oily skin
  • Significantly reduced appearance in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced appearance of freckles, pigmentation and age spots
  • Improved skin texture (softer, smoother, more radiant)
  • Improved skin firmness and elasticity


Award-Winning Formula

2011 – Mireica was nominated as a “Most Innovative Nutricosmetic” Finalist in the “Best New Finished Product” category of the Nutraceutical Business & Technology (NBT) Awards, by Vitafoods Europe.

2011 – Mireica won “Best Beauty Drink/Food” (Her World’s Choice) in Her World Beauty Award 2011

2012 Mireicawas awarded “Best Clinically Proven Nutricosmetic” in Watson’s HWB Award 2012.


Testimonial From Around The World
Suitable for all ages, all types of skin and works faster than most internal skincare, MIREICA is the choice of discerning women from all over the world. Malaysia’s hair guru Winnie Loo, socialites Nina Omar and Datin Maylene Yong are raved about what MIREICA had done for their skin.

“I have been consuming MIREICA ever since it first came to Malaysia and I really love it. It has helped my skin to be nourished from within… my skin texture feels more radiant and youthful. Every morning I add Mireica to my fruit juice and it is perfect morning starter before my breakfast.” ~Says Winnie Loo.

“I absolutely love Mireica! I can definitely see that my skin is so much clearer and smoother. I’m not very good with taking care of my skin externally but with Mireca, my skin looks fantastic effortlessly. Also my nails which were initially brittle, now have become stronger,” ~ Says Anwenn Marshall, a 30-something year old mother from U.S.A.

“After 4 days on Mireica, I noticed that my moisturizer seemed too rich for my skin! After 2 weeks I noticed that the typical tightness I felt after cleansing my face was drastically reduced. Mireica’s simply fantastic. My skin feels absolutely amazing. It’s smooth, soft, has a glow to it. People have even started commenting on how great I look… Just love it!” ~ Says Michelle Strydom from South Africa.

Keeping skin stem cells younger, for longer is definitely the way ahead for beautiful skin. You can start today. Mireica comes in packs of 30 powder sachets (one month supply). Simply pour the contents of the sachet in a glass, add cold water and stir. Drink after the some of the bubbles have dissipated.

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