For Better Nutrient Absorption

In this modern age, the dietary trend has shifted to a more refined, quicker, convenient form.

Food and drinks are nowadays high in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and proteins but very low in micronutrients such as electrolytes – ionic minerals essential to all cells in the body.


Functions of electrolytes (ionic minerals)
Ionic minerals are capable of transmitting electrical charges within the body cells every second. They are necessary for all brain functions, as well as the heart. Ionic minerals are also responsible for maintaining proper isotonic balance within the cells and an acid-base balance. The cells reply on ionic minerals for the transportation of nutrients and waste. Thus, ionic minerals are responsible for the basic metabolism of very cell in the body and without them; life itself would not be possible.

Minerals imbalance contributes to a variety of symptoms which are usually neuromuscular-related due to its physiological importance. Distinct signs of lack of energy fatigue, numbness, muscle weakness, cramping, swelling (oedema), slowed nerve conduction and general weakness.


Lifestyle stresses deriving from mental, emotional and physical pressure effects the decline in bodily minerals. Increased intake of coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol contribute to mineral depletion in body and so do medication and quality of air.

Factors that might increase your need for minerals include pregnancy, poor diet, dehydration, disease, exertion, vomiting, diarrhoea, trauma and excessive perspiration.

In today’s world, naturally occurring, nutrient-rich soil is becoming increasingly rare, due to aggressive modern farming techniques and the increase use of syhthesised fertiliser (NPK) which lacks essential and trace minerals. Many of the minerals and trace minerals once abundant in soil have been washed into the oceans. As the soils are depleted, the seas become enriched.


ConcenTrace contains 72 naturally occurring ionic minerals concentrate that is all-natural, PH balanceing and bioavailable. It is the product of ConcenFlo, a natural process that uses solar energy to concentrate the ionic minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah – with 99% sodium removed.

ConcenTrace contains the full spectrum of ionic minerals in the same balanced proportion as healthy human fluids. It assists the body to absorb nutrients and supplements by creating an isotonic balance in your cells and the fluid around it.

This allows an optimum exchange of nutrients and waste from your cells. As the minerals in ConcenTrace are also ionic, they supercharge other nutrients too for better absorption.

This ionic state creates a dynamic equilibrium to facilitate changes in your body and moves nutrients to the areas that the body needs them most.

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