Fasting It Right!

During the month of Ramadan, changes happen in the eating pattern and choice of food for most people. It is so easy to indulge in meals that are high in carbohydrates and sweet foods, in the form of two large meals dawn and sunset. Keep in mind that fasting and breaking fast the right way can lead to good health.

Starving vs fasting
Our body glucose, which is stored in the liver, is our first source of energy. During a fast, glucose is used first to provide energy but once glucose runs out, it causes the fat in the body to breakdown, becoming the next source of energy. When a fast is prolonged to several days or weeks (starvation), the body then uses the body’s protein for energy and this can be detrimental to health.

Ramadan fasting is not starving simply because fast is broken every dusk.

How to break a fast without a fuss?
Introduce your body to fruits and vegetables to break a fast. Foods that are easily digested can help you to avoid gastrointestinal problems. Introduce regular foods slowly and strategically will help you to break a fast safely. Overeating certain foods too quickly may cause indigestion or nausea.


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What goes in must come out
Especially during this fasting month, many have reported experiencing bloated-ness and constipation. This is normal due to the reduced amount of water intake. Relieve stomach bloat and constipation with TruDtox as it helps to flush out toxins and waste. Moreover, it will help to strengthen your immune system and promote better absorption of nutrients when food is consumed. Remember that what you would want to keep in your body are nutrients and not waste. Feel lighter and energized with TruDtox and prevent your body from being vulnerable. After all, what we want is a successful and healthy Ramadan, right?

Have a healthy and Happy Ramadan to ALL Muslim friends.

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