Eczema & Treatments

What is eczema?
Eczema, also known as dermatitis, is a dry skin condition and it usually affects mostly infants, children and a few adults. The severity and appearance of dermatitis varies from person to person. Mild cases of eczema would appear dry, scaly, inflamed skin, always itchy and these appearances can be seen around the creases of body joins such as back of knees, wrist, bend of elbow and for some, on the eye and face. Some may have red patches found in any part of the body. Severe eczema would appear oozing, crusting sores and bleeding due to constant scratching or infections. For most, it ‘flares up’ and then subsides for
Types of eczema
The most common is Atopic Dermatitis and almost always begins in childhood, specifically infancy. Atopic Dermatitis is both caused by genetic (with a family history of eczema) and environmental condition. Children with Atopic Dermatitis would most likely have the tendency to develop other allergic conditions such as asthma or hay fever. It is not possible to tell whether children will outgrow eczema but depending on severity, most children with mild eczema would outgrow by their tenth birthday but for some, it may persist.

There are other types of Eczema such as (very quickly) Nummular Eczema, Dyshidrotic Eczema, Seborrheic (scalp) dermatitis, Irritant Contact Dermatitis and Allergic Contact dermatitis.

Understanding Skin
Most people with healthy skin would have strong, effective, protective barrier that protects the skin from irritants. Skin cells, water and fats located in each layer of our skin are responsible in retaining moisture and protecting the skin.

People with eczematic skin may not be able to produce sufficient fats and oils and will be less able to contain water. The protective barrier may not be as strong; hence, making skin vulnerable to irritants. When moisture is lost from the skin, bacteria or irritants may easily pass through the skin, causing skin to become irritated and itchy.

Irritants & Triggers
The cause of dermatitis is linked with the overactive response by the body’s immune system to an irritant or defect in the skin barrier. There are common irritants that should be avoided:

  • Bathing in hot water. Hot water dries up the skin easily and warm, quick showers are often best
  • Contact with animal dander (ie: fur or hair) can trigger itch
  • Exposure to household products such as detergents, soaps, liquids and solvents…etc
  • Overheating and sweating
  • House mites and its droppings
  • Dust
  • Coarse or rough materials (ie: woolly clothings)
  • Stress (Can worsen condition)

The goal of a treatment would include relieving and preventing itching. Although over-the-counter drugs prescribed by doctors can be used to relieve itch, many drugs have side effects, harmful for infants and unsafe for long-term usage.

Use emollients such as cream, ointments, lotions and gels to retain skin moisture.


Creams are highly recommended. It contains a mixture of fat and water and is usually light and keeps skin cool. Many would find cream based helpful. Most creams contain preservatives; hence, opt for creams that use natural preservation method (ie: paraben free).

MARINE ELEMENTS INTENSIVE CREAM is specially formulated to provide deep moisturization for extra and dry problem skin areas. The non-greasy formulation softens the skin’s surface, allowing immediate hydration to the dry skin underneath and helps accelerate the regeneration of healthy skin. Natural peptides transport moisture and nutrients deep down, pr
oviding a moisturizing effect for up to 24 hours and leaving skin hydrated, healthy and smooth.

Apply on dry, problem areas. Use frequently to improve appearance and strengthen skin’s natural barrier.


Lotions contain more water and less fat than creams. It is very effective at keeping skin moisturized.

MARINE ELEMENTS BODY LOTION will help soften the skin’s surface allowing moisture and nutrients to penetrate deep down. It helps accelerate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. The protective barrier seals the moisture in and helps keep allergens and irritants out, whilst anti-oxidants help prevent skin damage from free radicals.

Use daily after bath, before sleep to maintain a moisturized and smooth skin.


Soaps can cause dryness to the skin. Therefore, liquid and perfumed cleansers as they contain chemicals and irritants. Use mild soaps that its pH is close to human skin.

MARINE ELEMENTS BODY WASH is an extra mild, soap-free formulation, with a pH level that is close to human skin to maintain your skin’s natural barrier against daily harsh elements. It promotes regeneration of healthy skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and moisturized.

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