Chinese New Year Waistline

What does Pineapple Tarts, Bak Gua, Love Letters, Nian Gao, Fortune Cookies, Tapioca Flour Cookies, Honeycomb all have in common?


hey make you FAT and…….decrease your bowel movement!


All the goodies mentioned above makes our appetite and waistline increase, making not-snacking almost an impossible task! “Aiya, it’s only once a year” or “久久一次” are often Malaysian’s excuses for overindulging. Guilty as charged! Simply consuming a few pieces of the goodies can throw off your diet for the entire year (maybe a few years).

Remember this, consuming all those goodies is effortless and trying to shed it off is going to take 888% effort. What’s more? Your body may feel bloated and indigestion and bowel irregularity may just be the start of many other problems that are yet to come.

Here are some charts we have gathered from different websites so you can take a closer look at those calories you’re consuming. Well, at least you know and will hopefully think twice then probably ignore when you see all those goodies laying in front of you.


Chart 1:
Fortune cookies will increase your fortune….sideways!

Chart 2:
If you eat all those mentioned in Jade’s Guide in one day, you have had 2 burgers, 4 slices of pizza, 2 chicken wings, 2 medium whipped potato and 2 cartons of medium fries! *shudders*

Chart 3:
Her World Plus says: 5 Pineapple tarts equals to 2 bowls of rice. Wait, what???


Why Do You Feel Bloated
Did you know that it takes about 8 to 10 hours of food to reach your colon? One bowel movement a per day isn’t enough to flush everything you consume and your three days worth of meals are still lingering in your colon. Especially during this festive season, your digestive system has to work even harder to digest all the goodies you ate. In human terms, it’s called abusing your digestive system.

Long intestinal transit time causes putrefying food in our intestines and colon to ferment, thus producing a lot of intestinal gas – a common source of discomfort for many people.

Especially more during this festive season, it’s HIGHLY recommended that you undergo a total body detoxification with TruDtox only 2 or 3 times a week so you can cleanse your body and relieve your digestive system from abuse. Detoxification can be very beneficial to your health and can prevent the accumulation of toxins in your body.

TruDtox is natural, safe and gentle that works 8 – 10 hours after consumption. What we love about it is that we can plan when to sit on the water closet. Best drank before you sleep so you can wake up early in the morning and relieve your bowels, making you feeling light, clean and refreshed!

TruDtox comes in 2 different formulas:

TruDtox ThermoG is with added green tea to help you detox and at the same time reduce unsightly stubborn bulges. Together with a balanced diet and exercise plan, ThermoG can help speed up your Chinese New Year weight gain.

Available in 2 different packs of five teabags and 17 teabags at pharmacies nationwide or on and

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