Boost Your Sport Performance

Do you have an upcoming marathon coming up? Try beet juice to beet your personal best.
Why beet juice?
There have been a number of studies recently that show beetroot improves exercise performance Beetroot juice takes effect within an hour and remains active for days.

Studies [1][2][3][4][5] indicate that beetroot juice has a number of benefits:

  • Reduction in the oxygen required across a range of efforts.
    • This is without any increase in blood lactate that would indicate non oxidative energy production.
  • Increased time to exhaustion in maximal exercise with VO2max unchanged.
  • Reduced resting blood pressure.
How will beetroot juice help runners?
Beetroot supplementation is the only known way of reducing the energy cost of exercise (improved Running Economy). This reduction in energy cost is especially important for marathon runners, where the Glycogen stores are a limiting factor in performance. Runners focused on shorter distances would benefit from the increased time to exhaustion at high intensity.
How long does the effect last?
The changes from beetroot take effect in about 30 minutes, peak after 90 minutes, stay elevated for 6 hours [6] and remain effective for at least 15 days [4] Taking beetroot juice daily will build up the effect over a 3-4 days then plateau.
Studies :

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