Avoid Airplane Dehydration!

Airplane cabins are infamous for having particularly dry air. On all modern aircrafts, passengers and crew breathe a mixture of fresh and recirculated air. Add on the fact that many people drink sugary beverages such as soda, juice and wine on airplanes, you’re on a one-way flight to dehydration.

Dehydration can take effect in various forms from muscle cramps, respiratory conditions and of course, dry skin, eyes and nostrils. So the next time you’re on a mid- to long-haul flight, follow these steps for better hydration:


# 1 – Pack a travel-sized moisturizer in your carry-on, and apply to your face while you take your in-flight nap.
Looking for a quick fix? Why not try the Novexpert Repulp Mask that re-plumps, rehydrates and regenerates deeply to soothe, restore, repair and repulp your skin. Simply leave this hypoallergenic mask on your clean face for 10-15 minutes and and wipe off with a wet wipe, dampened tissue or cotton pad — instant rehydrated skin! Best of all, this mask comes in a 50ml tube, so you won’t be busting the airlines’ liquid carry-on requirements.


# 2 – Hydrate from within before and during the flight

It may be tempting to drink up the free wine and sodas on the flight, but as much as possible, avoid sugary, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks when flying to prevent dehydration. If you are someone who gets dehydrated easily, remember that hydrating yourself starts before you even check-in at the airport.

Drink lots of water in the days leading up to your flight, which include nutrient-packed fruit and vegetable juices. Some examples of hydrating drinks include cucumber and coconut water, and while in the cabin, stick to just plain aqua.


# 3 – Apply lotion to your hands and body.
Washing and wiping your hands can cause dry palms and parched cuticles. Hypoallergenic Marine Elements Body Lotion will help soften the skin’s surface, allowing moisture and nutrients to penetrate deep down. With the patented Zonase X™ active ingredient which contains natural proteins and enzymes, your skin’s moisture will be replenished, reducing any negative effects such as inflammation or itchiness.

Marine Elements is great for anyone with eczema and dry skin.

If the 200ml bottle is too large for you to pack onto carry on, consider filling travel-sized cosmetic bottles (available at any pharmacy) so you can bring your lotion onboard.

Final stocks for Marine Elements available for purchase now, while stocks last.


# 4 – See no dryness, smell no dryness.
Besides moisturising your skin, other parts of your face such as eyes and nostrils may feel dry and chapped. For this, bring along some eye drops and a nasal spray and apply when you feel necessary.


# 5 – Refresh your breath before you land!
Dry mouth is a common cause of bad breath, and perhaps you don’t want to meet your family picking you up at the airport with dry, stale overnight breath!

Why not get yourself a travel toothbrush so you can have a quick freshen up before you land? Don’t worry, the water in the airplane lavatory is safe to rinse your mouth with, or perhaps you could use a sink at an airport restroom while waiting for your luggage. Why not invest in a Swissdent Emergency Kit (in Red for Extreme Whitening, and Blue or Silver for those with more Sensitive teeth)? Includes a patented award-winning toothbrush and toothpaste with fruit enzymes in a handy travel pack.

Your loved ones will be able to spot your pearly-white smile from across the room as you walk into the arrival hall! And if brushing your teeth sounds like too much work, just a few spritz of the mouth spray and you’re good to go!.

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